10 Ways to Get Your New Year Resolutions Back On Track

By Karen Orem.

Just about all of us have done it, we set goals for the new year but when it comes down to making it happen, something always gets in the way, or we just give up.  We defeat ourselves because we’re just not as committed to our goals as we thought, and that surprise can hurt.  Or, when the goal seemed to get too difficult, we didn’t have a safety net in place to help us get over the hump.  We begin to have a deeper defeatist attitude, and we start to internalize our disappointment, and it really can hit our self-esteem, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  You see, we have more power over our current circumstances than we originally thought.  We can make amazing things happen, but we should have some plan to keep us on track.  That plan can present itself in many ways but there are certain characteristics that may remain constant, and I’ve shared a few to help you continue your positive path and reach the goals you have sought.

  1. Start fresh. When the new day starts, so do you. It’ a new chapter in your life and nothing can stop you.
  2. Leave yesterday’s disappointment behind you. It’s in the past for a reason, leave it there.  When you start to think about it, stop!
  3. Redefine your goals. Were your goals realistic?  Maybe you should put some shorter timelines in place.
  4. Plan for your biggest challenge.  Where do you see your biggest weakness? Write it down and think of what you’re going to do the next time it hits.  Being ready for it ahead of time can help you get over the hump.
  5. Be in the Moment. This is one of the most important areas to learn.  Stay right in the moment, and as each second passes, you realize that you can get through to the next minute. Before you know it, you’ve come a long way.
  6. Be self-centered.  This is for you. Others may cheer you on, or not.  It doesn’t matter because this is for you, it’s about you, it’s not about them.  No matter what they say, you can do this, and you have a plan that works.  Have confidence that your plan is the one to follow and you can make it happen.
  7. Imagine.  See yourself as already achieving your goal.  Imagine how you feel, what it will mean to you, outside of the goal itself.
  8. Inspire others. Look for other people that you can help.  It doesn’t matter if it’s with the same goal or a different goal.  Being helpful connects us and lifts our spirits.
  9. Exercise. Whether your health is part of your goal or not, being healthy and exercising is going to help you be successful.
  10. Don’t quit. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Do think about what you did, why you did it, and what you’re going to do differently and then get back on track.

When you put these principles in place, you will start seeing changes in you, your attitude will brighten, and you’ll undoubtedly have a new spring in your step.  Just remember, one step at a time, be in the moment and continue onward and upward to your next goal.

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