5 Effective Steps Leaders Take After the Sale

By Karen Orem.

Congratulations, you made another sale. You’ve spent time with your potential customer and they purchased your product. It’s important to keep that relationship you made fresh. One of the most important steps in your business is about to take place, the follow-up.  When you take these next five steps, you are letting your customer know that you care about them, not the sale. Remember, you are continuing to build your relationship.

  1. Verify with your customer that they received everything from their order and that it arrived in perfect condition. This is a time to be excited for them, to share in this new experience together. You can also head off any complaints because you’re not waiting for your customer to contact you. If they didn’t get everything in their order, or it didn’t arrive in perfect condition, you want your customer to know that you are there for them and will swiftly take care of the situation.
  2. Ask if your customer has started using the product or service yet. Here’s a great opportunity to find out if they jumped in right away or if they are hesitating. If they are hesitating, it may be because they are unsure of what to do or how to start it. They may have an insecurity of some kind and now that they have the offering in front of them, they put it to the side.  It’s important to ask if they have any questions?  Ask them when they’ll have an opportunity to start it, and let them know that you can contact them on that date to help them along. Show your excitement and at the same time listen for any concerns that may need to be addressed.
  3. Ask your customer how they feel after using the product or service. What results are they having?  If the results are great, write down what they liked about it. If they aren’t sure, listen to their answer for clues that you can address.  Make sure you keep a log of your customer base and write down their comments as this is all important to matching the right products or services for them now and in the future.
  4. Now that you know what your customer likes about the product or service, it’s time to let them know about another product in your line that would be a good companion to this one. You should be starting to understand even more about what your customer likes and why they like it. This is a great time to share what other product(s) would work well for them too.  Explain why you think it would be a good match for them.  See if they would want to add that now, or if that is something they would like to look at a little later.
  5. Ask your customer, who they know that would also enjoy the same benefits that they’re receiving. If they are already enjoying their product, other people they know may enjoy it too. This is a great time to ask for a referral!

Don’t forget to remind your customer that they could also make money selling the products that they are enjoying.  Always be consistent in your follow-ups with your customers.  They will see that you are caring for their experience and that you sincerely are looking out for what works best for them.  A good leader is one who others can turn to no matter the situation, to be heard, and get any of their questions answered.

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