5 Ways to Rev Up Your Conference Calls [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin.

If you want your team engaged and tuned in, you need to conduct meetings, conference calls, zoom calls, and the like.  Here are the five keys to creating engaging calls. The five are:

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Promote Well
  3. Make it Exciting and Fun
  4. Involve Others
  5. Share Good Content

Plan Ahead

The best events, including Conference Calls, happen when the leader is intentional with everyone’s time and plans in advance. “Winging it” sends the message that the people on the line aren’t important enough for you to be intentional with their time. The next tips are about what to do in advance to guarantee an excellent Conference (or Zoom) call.

Promote Well

Nothing is more discouraging than planning a conference call and having no one show up. These simple steps will keep everyone on track for your call.

  1. Be consistent – have your team call at the same time on the same day every week or month. Your team will make the calls a habit this way.
  2. Communicate more than the time and date. Give your team some reasons to want to come by teasing the content you will share in advance.
  3. Use different forms of communication. Email is one way they can retrieve the information, but Facebook and texting are more likely to be seen. Jump on Facebook live, post regular reminders in your team group and keep a calendar in the files in your group. Texting reminders just before the call will jump up your attendance.

Make It Exciting and Fun

Have some energetic music playing as people jump on the line. Use noisemakers during your recognition to amp up the celebration. Include humor, everyone likes to laugh, and the will leave feeling good about the call.

Involve Others

The more voices on the call, the more exciting it will be. Planning ahead includes inviting others to participate. Team members can share training, introduce their new recruits and share the recognition for their personal recruits. It’s important for you, the leader, to coach them in advance. Let them know what you expect and help them prepare. Confidence matters. People will show up when they participate.

Share Good Content

Make sure the time on the line is valuable. Is your content relevant? New? Interesting? Will it make a difference in their bottom line and build their business? Practice what you will say in advance and come prepared.

As the leader, decide that you LOVE conference calls. It’s a great way to build community and connect people. Once they become friends, they will want to get together whether in person or virtually.

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