8 Key Questions to Create Positive Accountability

By Dana Phillips.

I have shared a couple of posts on how to get your team to do the things they say they are going to do. We have looked at the way you form a better coaching relationship and the keys to better coaching.

I am going to give you eight great questions that will help you be a better coach and stop telling your team members what to do.  But before I do I want to give you 3 warnings.

Do not think these questions are magic. They are only questions. They just get you started.

Do not use these questions to interrogate your team members. They are questions to help you and your team members explore and plan.

Do not ask questions if you know the answer.  Then you are just finding a way to “tell” with a question mark.

Okay, here are some terrific questions to help you get your team members to do what they say they are going to do.

What do you want?

When do you want it?

What did you say you would do?

What happened?

What did you learn?

What will you do differently?

What’s in your way?

How do you want to be held accountable?

Simple, thought provoking, and valuable questions get your team members to own the solution. When adults own their solutions then they are more likely to follow through.  Don’t expect immediate results, but don’t be surprised when you see more success. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are learning to ask and listen, not sell and convince. You’ll get it! You can do it!  You can become the coach/leader you want to be.

Who Helps You with Your Positive Accountability?

Growing as a leader means getting out of your own way; making your words match your deeds.  At Team Connections Pro, we support you using the principles of positive accountability.  AND IT WORKS!   How do we know?  Some of the most successful leaders in direct selling have told us.  You can read what they have to say.  For $47, you can try for a month. If you aren’t changing, then you can cancel with no further obligation.

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Dana possesses a unique blend of skills; her experience in the field, her training as a time management coach, her years as an executive and now her work training coaches from around the world position her as an expert in direct sales coaching.
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