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Our professional coaches are ready to help you lead!

PhillipsNeil and Dana Phillips have partnered together in direct sales for 30 years and have developed the only complete leadership program specifically designed to build leaders in direct sales. They’re excellent coaches, and they were just as excellent as direct sellers. By the time they retired from Tupperware, their distributorship was #4 in the United States and #16 in the world. They’ve held corporate positions in a large network marketing company and have trained thousands of independent distributors in party plan as well as network marketing. They’ve taken this wealth of experience and built a style of coaching new leaders that specifically addressed the unique challenges of direct sales. Neil has thirty years of experience as a coach, mentor and direct seller and has touched thousands of entrepreneurs through his writing, speaking and coaching. Dana has been described admiringly as the “only person in the world who can give you a hug and a kick in the pants at the same time.” Together, they bring out the best in each other and in their coaching clients. Both Neil and Dana have been trained as Franklin Covey Personal Coaches, are Authorized Partners with Everything DiSC, and hold credentials from the International Coach Federation. In addition, Neil has received certification in the esteemed Marshall Goldsmith behavioral change coaching. 
JanetDanielsJanet is an expert in direct selling and a coach in demand by direct selling leaders. She built a multi-million dollar direct selling business and served as a corporate executive in several companies, retiring from a full time position as Regional Vice President for Tupperware. She has influenced thousands of leaders in her over 30 years as a mentor and coach and she is passionate about bringing out the best in others. If you are a top leader or a corporate employee in a direct selling company, you will appreciate partnering with Janet. People have described Janet as authentic, nurturing and a great system builder. One leader shares, “Janet was not only willing to hold my dreams for me, she held me accountable to the activities that led me to my dreams.” Her ability to keep leaders focused, challenge them to be their best, and celebrate their progress is unparalleled. Janet is a Associate Certified Coach with the the International Coach Federation.

Mary McLoughlinMary is a proven direct selling authority. In her eighteen years as a party plan leader she created a multi-million dollar team. Now Mary devotes her talents to supporting direct selling companies and their sales leaders through coaching, leadership training, and strategic planning. If you are a company experiencing change, you will appreciate Mary’s expertise. Her strong communication, change management and negotiating skills will navigate you and your organization through challenges with compassion. If you are a leader ready to leap forward or renew your passion and get unstuck, Mary’s the right coach for you. She has hundreds of hours of professional coaching with direct selling leaders and brings the proven experience and results you seek. In the words of her clients, “Mary has helped me to move myself and my business forward when I felt it was sliding backwards. Not everyone can challenge you and provide a safe haven. Mary does that.” As a natural connector and a founding member of the John C Maxwell Team of Certified Speakers, Teachers and Coaches, she brings the resources of top leaders world-wide, proven leadership principles and cutting edge strategies to her coaching, consulting and training. Mary holds a Certified Business Coaching credential from the World Association of Business Coaches. She is the creator of Direct Selling Rock Stars and a co-author of Direct Selling Power.