A Leader’s Holiday Checklist

By Mary McLoughlin. It’s mid-December and you may be excited to close up shop for the holidays. Before you do, complete the items on this checklist and your business will thrive in January! Did I send Holiday cards to my team? It’s a great way to let them know you appreciate them! Did I send [...]

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3 Steps in a “Stay on the Sidewalk” Talk

By Janet Daniels I have never met a leader who likes to have the “sidewalk talk.”  You know the one I mean. It’s like when you walk with a 3-year old and they want to pick your neighbor’s flowers.  Have you ever had to have the “stay on the sidewalk” talk with an adult?  It’s [...]

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Be a No Drama Mama [Video]

By Neil Phillips. Yesterday, Dana Phillips and I presented our free Team Connections webinar called, No Drama Mama. Our goals were very straightforward: Help direct selling leaders to identify drama on their teams Provide some techniques to allow direct selling leaders to immediately take control and move the situations to productive, healthy ones. After the [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Team Engagement Through the Holidays

By Mary McLoughlin Whew! Aren’t you glad your busy season is winding down?  Are you ready for a break?  You love the fact that taking some time off during the holidays is a perk of your flexible direct selling businesses. The catch is if you and your team take too long a break you won’t [...]

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What Sets You Off? [Video]

By Dana Phillips. Team Connections is working very hard to bring you a great free webinar on Tuesday, December 6, that is called No Drama Mama.  I want to talk a little bit about drama today. This is not about the drama around you, but it’s about the drama inside of you.  The more that [...]

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How Avoid Worry

By Janet Daniels. It seems like there’s always plenty to worry about, isn’t there?  Whether it's friends or family issues, illness, money or world news, something always pops up with the potential to create worry. I’ve never thought of myself as a worrier.  And yet, as I’ve had to face tough times and decisions in [...]

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Free Webinar: No Drama Mama

This is the FREE Webinar You Have Been Waiting For! If you have more than two people on your team, you have probably experienced it. If you don’t learn how to handle it, it will deplete you like a blood-sucking vampire. It is the number one reason good sellers and even good recruiters get off [...]

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What Gratitude Has Done for Me

By Janet Daniels. It’s easy to be grateful when everything’s going great, isn’t it? What happens when life throws you a curveball? Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, a business that’s struggling, an unexpected illness or health issues for yourself or someone close to you. We all go through the ups and downs [...]

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Leadership Reality: Change begins with the Leader [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. “If you want to change your team, change your team,” is a mantra often chanted in the Direct Selling world. It makes sense, getting people to change is hard work, and so starting with new people sounds easier. Here’s the catch, the leader created the team, so it’s likely the new team [...]

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