Keep Direct Selling Simple

With customers spread out from coast to coast and accessible through everything from messaging and Facebook to conversations, it’s easy to lose track of the core of good selling activities.  As a leader, you can easily get carried away trying to answer technical questions.  Along the way, you forget that the core pieces really stay [...]

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You First! Getting Your Team To Listen

By Neil Phillips. We were coaching a leadership group recently, and the central topic was about getting their teams to be better listeners.  You might call it empathic listening, active listening, or heart-centered listening, but the core of all of those is precisely where we were trying to focus. The essential lesson is a simple one: [...]

5 Effective Steps Leaders Take After the Sale

By Karen Orem. Congratulations, you made another sale. You’ve spent time with your potential customer and they purchased your product. It’s important to keep that relationship you made fresh. One of the most important steps in your business is about to take place, the follow-up.  When you take these next five steps, you are letting [...]

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Three Last Minute Leader Tips for Year-End [Video]

By Dana Phillips If you are a leader in direct sales, you probably haven’t hung up your cleats for the end of the year.  You are still working. You are still trying to make your December numbers.  You are still very invested in your business.  Because of that, I want to give you three tips [...]

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What Do I Say When My Business Is Called A Pyramid? [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. If you have been in a direct selling business, then you have probably heard someone refer to your business as a pyramid and it’s probably not a compliment. The first reaction is to get defensive… no, it’s not! Here’s the thing, the minute you go on the defensive you lose. You are [...]

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3 Parts of a Summer Sales System

By Janet Daniels. Have you ever started the summer months without a plan? I have! My first summer as a leader I just merrily continued on as if everything was going to be the same.  After starting the year with good recruiting and sales, all the momentum stopped when summer began. I felt like I [...]

Be Ready for January

by Janet Daniels. Keeping momentum through the holidays can be tough. Many times our December goal is to be ready for the holidays on time and we tell ourselves, “I’ll just wait until January to plan for the new year.  There are things you can do during the holidays to insure that your January will [...]

Direct Selling Leaders: Thoughts to Ponder for September

September is a great time to stop and think about what you really want.  Last week I blogged about taking some time to check your FIT: Feelings, Income, Time.  This week is great time to put yourself in charge.  You are in the driver’s seat of your business.  You can run the race at your [...]

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