Leading the Way Your Team Members Want [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. “I wish they would just do what I do, then they could have the success I have.” Boy did I say this way too often when I was a newer leader. I achieved success early on and definitely thought that if I could just share how I did it, everyone else could [...]

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Keys to Better Coaching

By Dana Phillips. In an earlier blog I gave you a working definition of positive accountability as it relates to your role as a direct selling leader.  Remember that when you coach someone on your team you want to create a safe place, stay positive, and proactive.  And remember to ask permission! So what are [...]

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What in the World is “Positive Accountability?”

By Dana Phillips. You have heard it. You might have said it. I want to make five contacts a day. I want to recruit one person a month. I want to follow up on all my leads. I want to get on the conference calls I want to earn the next incentive trip. If you [...]

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Real Words to Engage Your Hostess

By Mary McLoughlin. We hear it all the time at Team Connections, what should I say? Tell me what you would say. So, I am going to do just that. Over the next several blogs I will share the actual words I use in a variety of scenarios. You will probably want to watch the [...]

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Why Your “Coaching” May Not Be Working

By Dana Phillips. Neil and I have been working on a series we are doing for members of our professional leaders’ site, Team Connections Pro. We have known for a long time that many leaders think they are coaching when in reality they are doing one-on-one training. A football coach lays out the plays and watches [...]

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How to Customize Your Recruiting Message

When you're sharing your income opportunity, do you make essentially the same presentation to everyone? If so, you may not be enjoying the success you're hoping for. Different people have different needs—and they'll respond differently to the same message. For better results, try customizing your recruiting message for each person you talk to.

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Weekend Love, July Thirty

By Neil Phillips. August is almost here.  Amazing.  Conventions, vacations, and hot fun are still on the agenda, but I’m willing to guess that several of you are starting to think about September work. Here are some of the great nuggets that I've found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to [...]

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What the One Percenters Do [Video]

By Dana Phillips You are reading this or watching the video because you want to up your leadership; become a better direct seller so you can grow your team, support your team, and up your income. Ninety-nine percent of the direct selling leaders that we work with know how to recruit, book, sell, and advance [...]

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The One Requirement for Success with Your Team [Video]

By Dana Phillips. A lot of leaders ask me this question, “What do I need to be able to work with my team?”  Let’s start with the biggest item  that you don’t need. You don’t need expertise.  If you’ve been active for a little bit more than your team, you are okay.  You have experience.  [...]

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