4 Keys to Creating FUN Recruiting Events

By Janet Daniels. Are your Recruiting events fun? Do they encourage guests to want to join your business? Many of you have great systems for successful recruiting events. For those of you who are still fine-tuning, here are some thought starters to help you create fun, successful events.  Remember, if it’s not FUN, they won’t [...]

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Celebrate! Celebrate! And Focus on Your People!

By Mary McLoughlin The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate.  Make your events memorable and meaningful by celebrating the people.  Don’t worry about going over the top or being too silly.  Start with high energy, play upbeat music, add some festive décor and food. Go ahead; wear those reindeer antlers! You will want to [...]

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Making the Most of Conference

By Janet Daniels. As a new leader, I looked at Conference as a time for me to have fun with my friends, get new ideas for my business and take a break from my business schedule. As my team grew and as I grew as a Leader, I realized that conference wasn’t about me and [...]

Getting Your Team to Meetings

By Janet Daniels How many times have you had a team meeting and were disappointed because you thought more people were coming than actually did?  We’ve all felt that way, haven’t we? Here are three things to think about to help get your team to meetings. Recruiting - When my meeting attendance was down, I [...]

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Set Record-Breaking Conference Registrations!

by Mary McLoughlin. May has arrived.  It’s time to plan for a spectacular, fun filled summer! Your team is busy planning their vacation, their children’s camps and more. As the team leader, you want to be sure their plans include attending your company’s National Conference. This simple three question system will help you create powerful [...]

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

by Mary McLoughlin. May is the perfect month to launch your summer team challenge. Getting people excited before the lazy days of summer arrive is the secret to a strong business all summer long. One of the favorite summer themes revolves around baseball. Everyone on the team works toward a ‘Grand Slam’ summer.  Pick a [...]

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The Fortune is in The Follow Up: 10 Tips that Will Guarantee They Follow Up!

The event ends, the leads are distributed and everyone heads home, tired… All of a sudden it’s a week later and no one has the contacted their leads. Here are my top 10 strategies to guarantee follow-up. Repeat, repeatedly at every possible opportunity “Our team follows up all their leads within 24 hours of the [...]

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