Building Others (Video)

By Dana Phillips. How do you provide positive feedback?  Dana has some simple, but profound ways you can build others. Whether you are leading your children, home, friends, teams of three or teams of three thousand, she shares a story from her childhood that is foundational in building others. She talks about acknowledging who they [...]

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Working on Self (Video)

By Dana Phillips. Who’s your biggest critic?  The answer is obvious (even though most of us miss it).  Your biggest critic is yourself.  Once you move up into the leadership levels, you can forget your importance in getting there.  This video series from Dana, highlights some of the challenges for new and aspiring leaders and [...]

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Three Things Most Leaders Forget To Do (Video)

By Dana Phillips Once you rank up to a leadership level, you can easily forget some of the things that got you there.  This video series from Dana, highlights some of the challenges for new and aspiring leaders and some of the best responses to those challenges. You don’t need to see the earlier videos [...]

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Newsflash: Leadership Can Be Learned (Video)

By Dana Phillips. Whether you use your leadership in working with your team, your friends, your family or your customers, Dana gives insights into why and how leadership can be learned. Part One, No One is a Born Leader, is still available. Click here if the video isn’t showing.   Where do you [...]

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No One is a Born Leader (Video)

By Dana Phillips. There is hope for us all if you don’t have to be born a leader! Dana shares this short video to remind you that no one is born with that title. In about three minutes she lets you in on an action centered leadership model from John Adair. John Adair lays out [...]

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Ride the National Conference Wave

By Mary McLoughlin. National Conference is the biggest party of the year and creates the most amazing energy and excitement. Don’t you just want to bottle it up and take it home to pour on your people when they lose momentum? By being proactive, you can keep that National Conference Wave going all fall. Just [...]

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Keep Direct Selling Simple

With customers spread out from coast to coast and accessible through everything from messaging and Facebook to conversations, it’s easy to lose track of the core of good selling activities.  As a leader, you can easily get carried away trying to answer technical questions.  Along the way, you forget that the core pieces really stay [...]

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Dana’s Story: My Start in Sales (Video)

By Dana Phillips. So this is my story of my first month in direct sales. You might find it funny, a tad sad, or maybe you can relate.  The story really reveals how confusing an upline advice might be and how much a new person benefits from direction, not just cheerleading. This is part 2 [...]

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Connect and Be the Change

By Karen Orem. One of the most profound statements from Mahatma Gandhi is the simple command to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In the midst of our daily, weekly, summer turmoil, it’s more important than ever to reflect and access what we add to our world, in our day-to-day lives, [...]

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