Own Your Life

We sometimes hear or see phrases that put significance to our lives.  As a coach, I love short, powerful expressions.  I recently saw one of those, and I stopped what I was doing to write it down.  The phrase was “own your life.” I was attending a coaching convention and, at one of the general sessions, [...]

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Is Your Why Sublime?

By Neil Phillips. Why I write this today:  I'm sometimes a bit wonky, and today I probably prove it several times over.  In sales (and life), we need to understand our motivations. If we don't think about our deepest desires and how they drive us, we are bound up in an unsatisfied and brutish existence.  We [...]

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How Much Praise is Enough?

By Neil Phillips. I don’t think we realize how powerful we are in creating our environment.  As a coach, I often have to support my client’s in raising their awareness about the role that they play in their surroundings.  As their awareness grows, their productivity and satisfaction leap to new heights. When you realize how [...]

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21 Questions to Ignite Your High Performers

By Neil Phillips. How would you ignite a high performer to create a high-performance team?  I was talking with an executive about someone she thought would really grow through coaching.  I asked her an obvious question, “What would you like to see happen?”  Her answer was “I really like to see her develop a high-performance [...]

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How to Maximize Your Impact on Your Team.

By Neil Phillips. The usual answer is along the lines of “I need to tighten the reins of control.”  That means clearer organizational charts, roles, responsibilities, and micro-managing.  For most people, this is a recipe for disaster.  You will alienate their teams, undercut their development, and create an environment in which people are content to meet [...]

ABC Coaching Strategies for Goal Setting That Works

By Dana Phillips. We know goal setting works.  Coaching goal setting works even better because the coach, you, can hold the space for your team member to get real clarity on what they want.  Here are a couple of strategies that have served you well when you are in coach mode. Ask for details about [...]

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Hostess Coaching In Person and Facebook Parties

By Dana Phillips. Some of you have never done a Facebook party. Some of you have never done an in-person party. Many of you have done both without realizing some pretty critical hostess coaching connections.  We believe that both types of parties deserve your attention before, during, and after the event.  While this article is [...]

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Hug the People Who Tell You “No”

By Neil Phillips. Really, they deserve a hug.   I’m not saying they should get one for “no;” you would prefer an affirmative answer.  They get one for being open and forthright enough to tell you that. Think about it:  Would you rather hear the “no” or be strung along thinking you will eventually get a [...]

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How’s Your Sales Business Passion?

For most direct sellers, your month-end deadline is fast approaching.  You are already in the mindset of driving to the finish.  You've got your team thinking about their deadlines.  You've got your customers trying to decide on the bargains that they can't pass up. And you are looking forward to seeing the day after your [...]

10 Yogi Berra-isms for Direct Selling Leaders

By Neil Phillips. I'm a lifelong Yankee fan, and with the baseball season in full swing (baseball--swing--get it?), I wanted to pay tribute to one of the games greatest players.  Yogi Berra, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, passed away in 2015.  His feats as a baseball player and coach are legendary. [...]

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