Keep Your Team Recruiting All the Time! [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. Every leader gets excited about the thought of more people recruiting more people, but just how can you make that happen? It’s easier than you think. You begin with the assumption that recruiting is just one part of the job of a direct seller. Everyone is expected to recruit. As the leader, [...]

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Free eBook on Recruiting [Video]

By Dana Phillips. I am so excited!  I’ve been reading our new eBook, Recruiting Demystified: Why Didn’t Anyone Teach Me This Sooner? How can you get?  Go to the website and fill in the information at the top of the page.  It will be yours just as soon as our website can get it to [...]

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The Secret to Consistent Recruiting

By Mary McLoughlin. I remember the moment it all changed; the moment I discovered the real secret to being a consistent recruiter. I didn’t know it was the moment at the time, but as I look back it definitely was. I was sitting in the audience at my company’s national conference watching people cross the [...]

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Recruiting: What is Holding You Back?

By Neil Phillips Every successful person goes through a pivot. A worker goes from a technician to a manager.  A parent goes from a caregiver to a confidante.  An athlete goes from sheer physical effort to strategy.  In every case, true success comes with awareness and a shift. The same is true for direct sales [...]

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How to Customize Your Recruiting Message

When you're sharing your income opportunity, do you make essentially the same presentation to everyone? If so, you may not be enjoying the success you're hoping for. Different people have different needs—and they'll respond differently to the same message. For better results, try customizing your recruiting message for each person you talk to.

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2 Steps to Make Time for Recruiting [Video]

One of the most subtle reasons you don't recruit is because you "can't find the time."  In fact, making time is one of the three major reasons that people don't recruit.  Here are a couple of simple suggestions to getting you started. The truth is that if you don't make the time, not much is [...]

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Change Your Thinking To Change Your Recruiting Results

What frightens you about recruiting? Nothing? Great! You need to read this so you understand the other 95% of direct sellers who are afraid of recruiting. You are afraid of recruiting. Keep reading. Most direct sellers are just like you. You are afraid to recruit. I am afraid people will think I am pushy. I [...]

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What Can I Do When They Say NO?

By Mary McLoughlin. N and O are probably the most dreaded 2 letters in a direct seller’s world.  They evoke a wide variety of emotions including rejection, anger, frustration and fear. It all depends on who is saying NO and what they are saying NO to… If you hear NO, it probably means the other [...]

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Giving the Best Gift You Can By Recruiting [Video]

What if recruiting wasn't about you?  Just think, the reason you recruit is not to grow your business.  It's to give the best gift that you can give to someone else.  J.M. Thorburn once wrote that "all the genuine, deep delight of life is in showing people the mud-pies you have made; and life is [...]

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What Do I Say to Ask for a Referral? [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. Asking for a referral can be easy or it can be hard. Often, the best time to ask for a referral is after someone tells you no. If you are trapped in feeling rejected, it can be challenging to ask for what seems like a favor. Want to know the truth? After [...]

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