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Your Leadership Partner

Leadership isn’t easy, especially in the world of direct sales. The pressure and stress you’re dealing with may simply mean that you never learned the skill of leading an entire team to excel as much as you do. Fortunately, Team Connections can help. We’re certified coaches with 30 years of experience who excel in helping you prioritize, manage your team, and create systems that suit your personal leadership style. We’ll help you lead your team to success and enjoy the journey. Just click the button below to get started.

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If you’d like to try out our coaching style before making the full commitment, we’d like to invite you to do a trial call. By the end of the call, you’ll know what it’s like to work with us and exactly what we can do for you in future coaching sessions. To sign up for your trial now, click here.


Why Choose Us…

  • Experienced, certified direct sales coaches with 30 years of experience
  • We’ve built and led teams ourselves, so we understand the challenges you face
  • We’ve helped some of the best leaders in the business break through barriers and achieve even greater success
Just hung up the phone with Neil and feel like a 10 ton weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The value I receive through our weekly one on one coaching is invaluable. Before having a coach, I never would have understood how 30 minutes a week could bring so much value and clarity to my business. It’s a gift of time that keep giving and giving and giving. The relationships I have with my clients and the results they are achieving are a direct correlation to my coaching experience.
Being coached on a consistent basis keeps me focused and on task. I love that Neil challenges my way of thinking which allows me to see things differently and find solutions that really work. Being coached makes me a better coach, a better leader and a better person.
Dana and Neil gave me the tools to organize my thoughts and plans, and to use my time effectively in working with my team to achieve our goal of becoming a National Executive team. They were there for me when I needed coaching on finding the answers within myself when dealing with specific concerns.