3 Practical Tips to Get More From Social Media [Video]

By Dana Phillips.

Is there anyone that thinks social media is a fad?  How about Facebook?  They are here to stay!  The numbers of users and the reach just continues to grow.  You want to get the very best out of your use of social media.  Here are three practical tips to help you smoothly integrate into your practice.

Do Not Add People to Groups Without Permission.  If these people are so important that you want them in your groups, then personally invite.  Make them feel special.  You and I have been added to groups, and none of us like it.  We feel like our time and attention has been kidnapped.  The same is true if you are working with a hostess.  Your responsibility is to keep her from randomly inviting acquaintances.  Personal invitations will bring a higher percentage and, more importantly, buying customers.

If your reputation is damaged, you will struggle to repair it.  Prevention is much easier.

It’s All About Relationships.  Get to know people.  Be genuine so that you get real responses.  Like and comment and be honest about it.  Once you create a relationship, you can progress to a deeper level.

Join groups to get to know people, not promote your business.  You are in groups to get to know people; to dialogue.  Think of it as a real room.  Don’t do what you wouldn’t do in a real room with real people.  Don’t embarrass yourself.

So, one don’t and two do’s will help you use social media better right away.

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Dana possesses a unique blend of skills; her experience in the field, her training as a time management coach, her years as an executive and now her work training coaches from around the world position her as an expert in direct sales coaching.
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