How Much Does She Need to Know and How Should I Tell Her? (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin.

(This is part three of a three-part series on Be a Rocket Launcher: Onboarding Strong Recruits). Part One on getting started can be found here.  Part Two on returning calls is here.

Your job as the recruiter is to guide your recruit through the start up process. To do this, it’s important that you know what she will experience in her first thirty days. Do you know what training comes in the starter kit? Companies have a way of changing and updating, so stay on top of what your recruit receives. Check out the emails, mailings and website training for new recruits on a regular basis.

What is the most important thing a recruit needs to do for a strong start? Book parties and appointments to sell products and recruit her first team member! Help her stay focused by creating a checklist of what to do in her first twenty-four hours, first week and first thirty days. Your company may already have this.

Challenge her to book her first two weeks before her starter kit arrives. At Team Connections we believe in the daily five-minute call to support your recruit. Imagine that your recruit calls five friends and hears three no’s and two maybes. She might feel discouraged. If she doesn’t connect with you for a week, buyer’s remorse, fear, doubt and a disapproving friend or family member can creep into her attitude. She may never get on the phone again.

The five-minute daily call is simple.

  • How did it go yesterday? Celebrate success and process any challenges.
  • Create today’s plan and schedule tomorrow’s call.
  • Repeat daily.

Your recruit doesn’t have time to get discouraged, she has a simple, doable plan each day and you can direct her learning in bite size pieces. It’s important to establish the expectation that you will connect daily. If you find a need for additional training, schedule that at another time. Training is easily done in groups. Group training is time effective and keeps the individual connections focused on activity, not learning.

Keep your onboarding system simple and repeat it for every recruit. A system assures that each recruit has the same opportunity to start strong. A system allows you to focus on the doing, not worrying about what to do. A system is easy for others to duplicate!

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