Keep Your Team Recruiting All the Time! [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin.

Every leader gets excited about the thought of more people recruiting more people, but just how can you make that happen? It’s easier than you think.

You begin with the assumption that recruiting is just one part of the job of a direct seller. Everyone is expected to recruit. As the leader, it’s your job to communicate this expectation to everyone, often. Your job is to help people find the words to fit their situations.  You want to communicate that recruiting is a part of everyone’s business.

With a new consultant:

“Let’s get you set up for success. We begin by creating a list of all the people you know. We aren’t going to think about the business when we do this, just about who you know.” After you create the list, take the time to talk with your new consultant about each person on her list and ask these questions:

How do you know…?

What do you know about their current work/financial situation?

How often does she entertain?

Has she ever tried anything entrepreneurial?

Is this someone who already uses our product or a similar one?

Why would our product be good for her?

Teach your new consultant to think first about the other person, and then connect what you learn about that person to your business. Together create strategies to share the various parts of your business with that person.

On individual calls with your team:

“Who have you met this week?” Tell me about them.

Use some of the same questions that you would use with a new consultant, helping your team see the things that indicate an opportunity to share their business as a solution. Remember everyone wants to know what’s in it for them.

On conference calls and at team meetings:

Make a BIG deal about new people at the meeting, guests, and new team members. Be sure to recognize the person who brought them to the meeting. What you recognize gets repeated! Brainstorm together why now is the best time to join your company. What is special about this time of year? What incentives does the company have for recruiting or new consultant development? Help your team focus on why NOW is a good time to keep their recruiting fresh.

When the leader assumes that recruiting is a part of the job and models the behavior of a consistent recruiter, the team will follow.

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