Prospecting for Gold (Video)

By Dana Phillips.

We’re pushing higher with our prospecting.  We’re talking about prospecting for gold.  Those are the people you want to keep; those are the people who take off.  You might even find some who work as hard as you!

There is gold in them there hills!  You just have to go looking.  I am reminded of the metaphor of the 1848 California gold rush.  There were millions of people who went looking for gold.  And they really found it in three places.  If you think about this, it really does have to do with direct sales, too.  You will find folks in three different places.

First, some people are right under your nose.  Now you may be too scared, too worried, or too self-conscious to say anything.  The reality is that they are right under your nose.  Maybe it’s the sister in law you never invited.  Maybe it’s the cousin you never thought of.  Maybe it is somebody in a profession and you think they are happy and never asked.

When the prospectors went into the gold fields, some of them passed right over the gold.  They were so busy looking out they never looked around.

Second, some people you have to sift out.  By this I mean that you have to develop a relationship.  You have to shift out the people that aren’t gold and then you have the ones left that you want.  You are developing a relationship and letting them get to know your products.  Some you will hold onto and some will sift out.

Some people refer to this as recruiting pipeline. Whatever you call it, it an ongoing process to keep panning for gold.

Third, keep looking at the leftovers.  After the easy pickings were gone, there was another set of prospectors that came through.  They were looking carefully around to find the gold that was missed in the “rush.”  You never know who you may find in this group.  Maybe it’s the young mother who just didn’t have the time when she tried before.  Maybe it’s the person who wasn’t passionate about the product.

No matter how you prospect, don’t stop looking.  You deserve some of the gold that’s there for the taking.  So put on your eyes, ears, and shoes.  Go prospecting.

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Dana possesses a unique blend of skills; her experience in the field, her training as a time management coach, her years as an executive and now her work training coaches from around the world position her as an expert in direct sales coaching.
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