Prospecting in Networking Marketing (Video)

By Dana Phillips.

This particular message today is for those in network marketing vs. party plan.

There are some differences that that make prospecting and recruiting different between the two types of companies.

The biggest difference is that a party plan already has a built in place where your custoers are experiencing the product.  For network marketing, you will have to create an event to have a similar experience.  For network marketers, you will want to ask yourself, “How can I create those places?”  Here are three places where you can find your prospects.

In Your Warm Market.  These are the people you know: your friends, family, and acquaintances.  For these people you have a great opportunity to lead with the product by providing samples, creating surveys, and doing a thorough job of customer service in your follow-up.

Create Events.  This is an opportunity for you.  Create a nonthreatening low-risk event for people to check out your product.  This is a place where people can experience your product.

Create referrals.  Always be asking your contacts “who do you know…”  You have lots of ways to end that question depending on who you are talking with.  Again, be leading with the product.

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Dana possesses a unique blend of skills; her experience in the field, her training as a time management coach, her years as an executive and now her work training coaches from around the world position her as an expert in direct sales coaching.
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