A Skill Every Direct Seller Needs and Why…

By Janet Daniels. You might also call this article, “How I Learned to Set Goals and Achieve Them.” I was never a big goal setter growing up. In general, I knew what I wanted my life to be like…. I wanted to grow up, go to college, get married, have kids and just let everything [...]

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How to Customize Your Recruiting Message

When you're sharing your income opportunity, do you make essentially the same presentation to everyone? If so, you may not be enjoying the success you're hoping for. Different people have different needs—and they'll respond differently to the same message. For better results, try customizing your recruiting message for each person you talk to.

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Six Steps for a Successful Leadership Conversation

For the last few weeks, we've been talking about getting ready for the leadership conversation.  Articles are available on: Part 1 is on Your Attitude Towards Promoting Part 2 is on Who to Promote Part 3 is on Inviting Prospects to a Leadership Conversation. Part 4 is on Scheduling Leadership Conversations Besides being a critical [...]

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Five Ways to Conquer Procrastination

Why wait until the last minute? Because putting off unpleasant, routine, or difficult tasks is human nature! But if you discipline yourself to tackle the things you’d rather not do, you’ll gain self-confidence and make the best use of your time. Here are some techniques that may help you overcome procrastination. 1) See it.  Think [...]

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Getting Ready to Promote Leaders: Holding a Leadership Conversation

What is the value of conducting a leadership conversation with potential leaders? You systematically guide potential leaders to greater self-awareness Your platform present the benefits of promoting You have a tangible plan of action You have a process for less experienced leaders to use as they promote others This is part 4 of a four [...]

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Getting Ready to Promote Leaders: Inviting Future Leaders

Is your promoting attitude in the right place? If you need a check-up, you should read about correcting your attitude. Have you made your list of who you want to invite? Part 2 on Identifying Leaders may be helpful. How will you invite your prospective leaders to sit down with you to hear about leadership? [...]

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Five Keys to Customer Service

It’s never a bad time to take a close look at the quality of service you're giving your customers. This week, we’re providing five keys that you can use as guidelines when focusing on improving your customer service. Whether you're working with customers, Hosts, recruit leads, or even members of your team, these keys will help you meet the needs and expectations of those around you.

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