Four Guidelines for Showing Appreciation

By Neil Phillips. Who doesn't want to be appreciated?  Raise your hands! We all like being appreciated and (with the exception of my grumpy neighbor) we all do appreciate others.  Unfortunately, we fall far short of excellence when it comes to showing our appreciation. Recent Department of Labor statistics show that only about 17% of [...]

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5 Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Team

By Karen Orem. November is a great time of year to express the gratitude that is in your heart. Calendar time during this busy time of year to let your team know that you thought of them today. Here are five ideas to help you get started: Write a handwritten thank you note to each [...]

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Show the Love in Direct Sales

By Neil Phillips. Happy Valentine’s Day! I volunteered to write this article for today.  Little did I realize how hard it was going to be.  We like to provide fresh perspectives on our topics, and I never realized how hard that would be on the topic of love. When you started in direct sales, one [...]

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Weekend Love, May Twenty Eight

By Neil Phillips. Happy weekend!  Here are some of the great nuggets that I've found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.  Tim Brownson offers several tweaks [...]

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5 Lessons That Moving Taught Me about Business [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful times in your life – I agree! Yet, isn’t it true that the challenging times teach us the most? To make a long story short, here’s my saga: We began to move about 5 years ago in 2009. You may remember that [...]

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You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup [Video]

By Dana Phillips. Every occupation has their busy time of year—just ask an accountant in April and a farmer when harvest time arrives.  How do you ration yourself during times like these? October and November are often two of the busiest months of the year for direct selling leaders.  Besides all of your sales events, [...]

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