Are You Excited About Work?

By Neil Phillips. Do you spend most of your time leading or managing?  You do both, and you get to decide which part of your job is the favorite part.  I realize this can be one of those weird questions that makes you laugh just before you get to work on important stuff.  Take 3 [...]

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No One is a Born Leader (Video)

By Dana Phillips. There is hope for us all if you don’t have to be born a leader! Dana shares this short video to remind you that no one is born with that title. In about three minutes she lets you in on an action centered leadership model from John Adair. John Adair lays out [...]

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Hands On, Practical Resources Have Never Been This Affordable

By Neil Phillips. For just $20, you will have access to 40 days of exclusive resources, which includes over 100 hours of video trainings and up to 4 one-on-one LIVE coaching sessions. There are also countless downloadable resources and eBooks that allow you to learn on the go at any time. Summer is about over, [...]

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Exclusive Offer – Over 100 Hours of Video Training

By Neil Phillips For just $20, you can receive access to over 100 hours of video training for 40 days! Not to mention all of the exclusive webinars, audios, handouts, coaching sessions and more. Do you want to… INCREASE recruiting for yourself and your team? GROW your team sales? HANDLE the challenges of leadership? PROMOTE [...]

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$20 for 40 Days of Exclusive Resources

By Neil Phillips. Summer is about over, and it’s time to kick it back into gear! Don’t let your business fizzle out when there’s an easy and affordable opportunity to transform it this Fall. For just $20, you will have access to 40 days of exclusive resources, which includes over 100 hours of video trainings [...]

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Connect and Be the Change

By Karen Orem. One of the most profound statements from Mahatma Gandhi is the simple command to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In the midst of our daily, weekly, summer turmoil, it’s more important than ever to reflect and access what we add to our world, in our day-to-day lives, [...]

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Lead with Your Heart: Believe in Your People (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. As a direct selling leader have you ever felt like you wanted it more than they did? You just know they can do it and continually pour yourself into them, yet they don’t seem to step up to the plate? Frustrating, huh? “There is no greater power and support you can give [...]

Lead with Your Heart: Discover Their Heart (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. Direct Selling leaders have such amazing hearts. I never tire of watching you love on your people. Heart is one big reason people are attracted to direct selling and why they stay engaged. Heart builds relationships and brings joy.  What resides in a person’s heart is what matters to them. When, you, [...]

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Why Won’t She Get Started? (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. (This is part one of a three-part series on Be a Rocket Launcher: Onboarding Strong Recruits) How did your business capture her attention? What does she want your business to do for her? What does she know about what’s possible to achieve? How big is her why? What is she willing to [...]

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Who Inspires You?

By Mary McLaughlin. Sitting in the audience at my very first National Conference I was in awe of the leaders up on the stage. They shared their stories, how they had begun with a small goal of a few hundred dollars and exploded their business into a full-time income quickly. I wanted what they had. [...]

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