5 Steps to Setting a Good Business Plan

By Janet Daniels. Now is the perfect time to set appointments with your leaders to set their goals and direction for the new year. Here are some things you’ll want to talk about when you have their business planning session. Review their numbers for the past year. Sales Recruits Promote outs Team count Leader count [...]

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How do I Promote Leaders in the Next 6 weeks?

By Janet Daniels. How many leaders have you promoted so far in 2016?  Are you satisfied with that number? Have you been wondering how you can get on the promoting fast track? Here are five steps you can take to make sure that happens. Set a promoting goal. Ask yourself, “How many would I promote [...]

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How to Start the Year Strong [Video]

By Dana Phillips. Direct Sales is not a complicated business.  However, a healthy business requires some forethought and strategic planning.  How do you focus on the basics and still reach for some lofty goals?  Here’s a foundation to start the process. A strong year starts with knowing where you want to be at the end [...]

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What Does It Take To Stay On Top?

By Mary McLoughlin Climbing to the top isn’t all fun and games.  It takes effort and sacrifice.  One of the best things I ever learned from my director was to ask myself and others, “What will you give up to achieve that goal?”  Success is more than hard work; it involves making hard choices and [...]

You Can’t Promote Managers by Using a Cookie Cutter [Video]

By Dana Phillips. I want to talk about baking cookies for a minute.  While you have a recipe, each batch doesn’t come out the same.  The same is true when it comes to promoting leaders. You start with a recipe—your plan and your system.  You start by asking yourself, “What does it take to create [...]

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The Importance of Summer Selling [Video]

By Dana Phillips. Is your direct sales business a real business or a hobby?  Depending on how you answer that question, your summer business becomes important in a whole new light. If you are running a business, then: Your summer sales are important take up the slack left by part-timers who aren’t working very much [...]

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Leading Your Team to Success: The Roadmap to Destination $100K

As a Direct Sales leader, you need constant development, training, and skill building. What you face each and every month requires you to be flexible and adapt to ever changing circumstances. We have our first series of complete training and coaching beginning September 9. Destination $100K: The Roadmap is for you! Just how can we [...]

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