5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Coach

By Dana Phillips. You know coaching works.  You've reached a point where you feel stuck and want to hire a coach to get you moving again.  If you haven’t hired a coach before (or even if you have), you may be concerned about what you’re getting into and receiving value for your money. Once you know a [...]

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Why Leaders Need a Coach

By Neil Phillips. Not every leader feels that they need or want a coach.  If you are feeling good about their abilities, team, and business direction, then you may not want to mess with success.  Who can argue with that? Even in the circumstances where things seem to be going right, there are some good [...]

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All Feedback is Valuable

By Neil Phillips. Feedback is the lifeblood of adaptation.  You don’t know how well you are doing without feedback.  You also don’t know if you are really blowing it without feedback. Generally, we grow up thinking about feedback as being either positive or negative.  Positive feedback reinforces; we like positive reinforcement and want to do [...]

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21 Questions to Ignite Your High Performers

By Neil Phillips. How would you ignite a high performer to create a high-performance team?  I was talking with an executive about someone she thought would really grow through coaching.  I asked her an obvious question, “What would you like to see happen?”  Her answer was “I really like to see her develop a high-performance [...]

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How to Get Your Team Members Personally Motivated

By Dana Phillips. The word motivation comes from the root word for “motor” or movement and interestingly also the same root for emotion.  As a leader you can influence others to actions, you can create an environment that taps into personal growth and achievement, but you really can’t “motivate” a team member to get up and [...]

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Post Convention Coaching for Success

By Neil Phillips. Summertime is convention time for direct selling leaders, future leaders, and top producers.  They get to see the fall product line and incentives, network with friends from across the country, recognize the best-of-the-best performers and attend the best training that their company can offer.  And they often return home with their heads [...]

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ABC Coaching Strategies for Goal Setting That Works

By Dana Phillips. We know goal setting works.  Coaching goal setting works even better because the coach, you, can hold the space for your team member to get real clarity on what they want.  Here are a couple of strategies that have served you well when you are in coach mode. Ask for details about [...]

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What Makes a Good Direct Selling Coach?

By Dana Phillips. Because coaching is not regulated in the US, just about anyone can put the word “coach” in their bio.  I see “coaching” added to all sorts of LinkedIn and website profiles.  When I ask, “where did you get your coach training?” I often hear a long pause.  One poor uninformed speaker/trainer told [...]

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Failing and Loving It!

By Neil Phillips. I love it when my coaching clients fail.  Not because they fail; I’m not that cruel.  I love when my clients fail because of what they gain along the way. Usually when we say “it was a great learning experience” we get a feeling that is right up there with kissing your [...]

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