The One Requirement for Success with Your Team [Video]

By Dana Phillips. A lot of leaders ask me this question, “What do I need to be able to work with my team?”  Let’s start with the biggest item  that you don’t need. You don’t need expertise.  If you’ve been active for a little bit more than your team, you are okay.  You have experience.  [...]

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Not All Questions Are Created Equal…

By Mary McLoughlin. Curiosity is a leader’s best friend. It keeps you searching for problems to solve, for answers and more information. Strong leaders know that they don’t have all the answers, so they keep searching. Curious leaders ask lots of questions. Did you know that not all questions are created equal? Some questions have [...]

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13 Questions to Unfreeze Recruiting

By Janet Daniels Have you ever worked with a future leader (or Leader) who needed more recruits to promote?  How many times have you said “You only need one more recruit. Go find her this week and call me.”  What normally happens? Not much! I know because that’s what I did in my early days [...]

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What Direct Seller Needs a Performance Coach?

Performance coaches abound in many fields of top players. Any athlete who competes at a high level has a performance coach.  If you think about people training for the Olympics, they wouldn’t dream of working without a coach. Most professional musicians and artist use performance coaches on a regular basis. Many corporations provide performance coaching [...]

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Four Reasons Why Coaching Works

If you have ever had a real coach, not someone who just tells you what to do, you will attest to the value you have found.  In an extensive study by the International Coach Federation, 99% of those surveyed reported they were satisfied with the overall coaching experience. Here are just a few of the [...]

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Sales Coaching – Finding the Right Coach Training Program for You

With coaching becoming a multi-billion dollar industry, there is no wonder that coach-training programs are proliferating. And as the competition increases, training programs are willing to make claims that don’t stand up well under scrutiny.  Ultimate Coach University, the coach-training program that Team Connections recommends, is dedicated to making credible claims: only those claims that [...]

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Carl Rogers on Being Person Centered

Carl Rogers is often considered the second most influential psychologist of the Twentieth Century because of his humanistic approach to psychology (only Sigmund Freud is rated higher). His influence is so fundamental to person-centered theories that we often don’t realize that most of the theory begins with one man. This video is Carl Rogers explaining [...]

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