30 Questions for Coaching Leaders through Major Change

By Neil Phillips. How, as a coach, do you prepare one of your leaders to lead change?  Leaders are change agents and one of the most important roles for a coach is to mentally prepare the leader for their role. This question came to the forefront for me this past week.  Many of my clients [...]

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3 Absolutely Critical Tools for Goal Achievement

By Neil Phillips I think we all, at some point, look for that silver bullet solution.  You know the one makes all your problems melt away, everyone agrees with you and produces 110% of your wishes.  We all know it’s not there, but we still keep looking. You keep looking for it because you think [...]

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What is Your Summer Mentality? 10 Questions to Ask

By Dana Phillips. Summer!!! Pools, picnics, gardening, homemade ice cream, life at the beach, on the lake, and the lazy days of summer are fond childhood memories for many of you. As adults who work a JOB, you may feel a small wave of deprivation. But if you have YOB, your own business, you have [...]

Your New Year’s Resolutions for the Summer

By Neil Phillips. A client's comment got me thinking this week.  She's a teacher and is excited about the end of the school year.  We were working on planning her summer.  She has started counting down and has only 15 workdays until her students are gone.  Fifteen days!  She wanted to set some goals for [...]

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The One Requirement for Success with Your Team [Video]

By Dana Phillips. A lot of leaders ask me this question, “What do I need to be able to work with my team?”  Let’s start with the biggest item  that you don’t need. You don’t need expertise.  If you’ve been active for a little bit more than your team, you are okay.  You have experience.  [...]

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13 Questions to Unfreeze Recruiting

By Janet Daniels Have you ever worked with a future leader (or Leader) who needed more recruits to promote?  How many times have you said “You only need one more recruit. Go find her this week and call me.”  What normally happens? Not much! I know because that’s what I did in my early days [...]

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What Direct Seller Needs a Performance Coach?

Performance coaches abound in many fields of top players. Any athlete who competes at a high level has a performance coach.  If you think about people training for the Olympics, they wouldn’t dream of working without a coach. Most professional musicians and artist use performance coaches on a regular basis. Many corporations provide performance coaching [...]

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Four Reasons Why Coaching Works

If you have ever had a real coach, not someone who just tells you what to do, you will attest to the value you have found.  In an extensive study by the International Coach Federation, 99% of those surveyed reported they were satisfied with the overall coaching experience. Here are just a few of the [...]

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