Building Others (Video)

By Dana Phillips. How do you provide positive feedback?  Dana has some simple, but profound ways you can build others. Whether you are leading your children, home, friends, teams of three or teams of three thousand, she shares a story from her childhood that is foundational in building others. She talks about acknowledging who they [...]

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Working on Self (Video)

By Dana Phillips. Who’s your biggest critic?  The answer is obvious (even though most of us miss it).  Your biggest critic is yourself.  Once you move up into the leadership levels, you can forget your importance in getting there.  This video series from Dana, highlights some of the challenges for new and aspiring leaders and [...]

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Three Things Most Leaders Forget To Do (Video)

By Dana Phillips Once you rank up to a leadership level, you can easily forget some of the things that got you there.  This video series from Dana, highlights some of the challenges for new and aspiring leaders and some of the best responses to those challenges. You don’t need to see the earlier videos [...]

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Newsflash: Leadership Can Be Learned (Video)

By Dana Phillips. Whether you use your leadership in working with your team, your friends, your family or your customers, Dana gives insights into why and how leadership can be learned. Part One, No One is a Born Leader, is still available. Click here if the video isn’t showing.   Where do you [...]

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What Really Matters?

Hurricane Harvey gives us the opportunity to seriously think about one of the BIG questions:  What's Really Important?    For hurricane sufferers, it's a real question.  When you evacuate, what goes with you?  The most common scenario is for people to move their family photographs and similar valuables to the second floor, grab the pet [...]

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Leading the Way Your Team Members Want [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. “I wish they would just do what I do, then they could have the success I have.” Boy did I say this way too often when I was a newer leader. I achieved success early on and definitely thought that if I could just share how I did it, everyone else could [...]

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What I Wish I Had Known When I Started

By Janet Daniels. As I get ready to answer this question, I think back to the very beginning of my sales career and what I wish I had known. I was a late bloomer in my direct selling company. As a young mother with children, I let life get in my way when it came [...]

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Real Leadership:  My Favorite Words [Video]

By Dana Phillips You’ve been reading a lot about real leadership lessons from us this month.  The question that came up in one of our discussions was “What are your favorite leadership words?”  I have a lot and there are some that have served me well. The first one is BELIEVE.  Always believe in your [...]

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Top Leaders Forget This (And Then Watch Sales Slide) [Video]

By Dana Phillips What DO top leaders forget?  Here are the top three things that top leaders forget until things start to go wrong. First, top leaders forget to ask, “What do you want?”  Whether it’s someone brand new or another leader on your team, if you don’t ask what they want then your sales [...]

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Weekend Love, August Twentieth

By Neil Phillips. Here are some of the great nuggets that I've found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood. One thing I always tell people in sales is that you can’t get someone [...]

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