Keys to Better Coaching

By Dana Phillips. In an earlier blog I gave you a working definition of positive accountability as it relates to your role as a direct selling leader.  Remember that when you coach someone on your team you want to create a safe place, stay positive, and proactive.  And remember to ask permission! So what are [...]

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What in the World is “Positive Accountability?”

By Dana Phillips. You have heard it. You might have said it. I want to make five contacts a day. I want to recruit one person a month. I want to follow up on all my leads. I want to get on the conference calls I want to earn the next incentive trip. If you [...]

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Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs

By Janet Daniels. When I joined direct selling, I love seeing the success and recognition that others had, and I wanted it, too. So, I’d set my goals with great anticipation and never made them. When my leader asked me, “What’s keeping you from reaching your goals?” I knew all the reasons and gave her [...]

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How To Have Your Best Start in 2017

By Dana Phillips. With the holiday weekend gone and things starting to settle down for the rest of the holidays, I like to you take a deep breath and spend a few minutes thinking along with me about how you can you’re your best start ever in 2017. Look at your business in three key [...]

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Three Last Minute Leader Tips for Year-End [Video]

By Dana Phillips If you are a leader in direct sales, you probably haven’t hung up your cleats for the end of the year.  You are still working. You are still trying to make your December numbers.  You are still very invested in your business.  Because of that, I want to give you three tips [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Team Engagement Through the Holidays

By Mary McLoughlin Whew! Aren’t you glad your busy season is winding down?  Are you ready for a break?  You love the fact that taking some time off during the holidays is a perk of your flexible direct selling businesses. The catch is if you and your team take too long a break you won’t [...]

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Free Webinar: No Drama Mama

This is the FREE Webinar You Have Been Waiting For! If you have more than two people on your team, you have probably experienced it. If you don’t learn how to handle it, it will deplete you like a blood-sucking vampire. It is the number one reason good sellers and even good recruiters get off [...]

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Putting the Fun Back in Your Business

By Janet Daniels. I loved my opportunity and my team for most of the time. There were times, however, when things weren’t going like I wanted, i.e. when we weren’t growing, when I was handling more issues than normal, or when there weren’t many striving for higher goals. I found these times to be very [...]

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