What Gratitude Has Done for Me

By Janet Daniels. It’s easy to be grateful when everything’s going great, isn’t it? What happens when life throws you a curveball? Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, a business that’s struggling, an unexpected illness or health issues for yourself or someone close to you. We all go through the ups and downs [...]

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What’s Blocking Your Gratitude? [Video]

By Dana Phillips. With two sets of holidays coming up, I’m starting to see more and more being written about being thankful, giving, and gratitude. And yet, there are times that we just don’t feel very grateful.  I have to ask myself, “What’s blocking gratitude?” I can only share from my heart on this topic, [...]

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My Secret Lesson in Gratitude When the Team Isn’t Working

By Janet Daniels Has this happened to you? You look at your team, then you look at your sales results and then you realize that your team isn’t working. As a new leader, the first time this happened to me, I was devastated. “How could my team do this to me after everything I was [...]

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3 Things to Show More Gratitude [Video]

With Thanksgiving coming in just a couple of days, our thoughts naturally turn towards being grateful.  Last year, Neil Phillips wrote about Living Your Life of Gratitude and Two Nonsmarmy Reasons for Gratitude.  This is my opportunity to share a few ideas this year. Amazing things happen to you when you are grateful.  Neil referenced [...]

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