How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Dana Phillips. Spring is a wonderful time to plant a garden and April is a great time to grow your business!  Just as we plant seeds for a garden, we plant seeds for a thriving business.  You wouldn’t wait for a beautiful flower garden to plant itself, would you?  Remember that when you are [...]

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Recruit Four People This Month: Are You Crazy?

By Dana Phillips. My mom always said, “March comes in like a lion.”  I think it would be so cool to have a ROARING recruiting month in March. It is time to be proud out loud about your opportunity. I challenge you to have a record-breaking month of recruiting.  If every one of you got [...]

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Leaders and Lifestyle Recruiting

By Dana Phillips. Now, more than ever before, it pays to build a strong, vibrant team.  What are the values of new consultants on your team? Recruiting new people into your organization every month not only helps the new consultant to earn income, but it is also a great value to your team. The nature [...]

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5 Steps to Setting a Good Business Plan

By Janet Daniels. Now is the perfect time to set appointments with your leaders to set their goals and direction for the new year. Here are some things you’ll want to talk about when you have their business planning session. Review their numbers for the past year. Sales Recruits Promote outs Team count Leader count [...]

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My Secret Lesson in Gratitude When the Team Isn’t Working

By Janet Daniels Has this happened to you? You look at your team, then you look at your sales results and then you realize that your team isn’t working. As a new leader, the first time this happened to me, I was devastated. “How could my team do this to me after everything I was [...]

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The First Steps Often Surprise Us

By Janet Daniels. As a brand new leader in my company, the last thing on my mind was promoting a new leader from my team. I had been a leader for a month when my up-line, Delores, came to my team meeting. Right away, she identified Mary, a new consultant, and told me she could [...]

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5 Easy Ways to Make Promoting Fun

By Janet Daniels. As a leader, it took me a while to realize that the fastest way to increase sales and recruiting in my organization was to promote leaders. Once I understood that, the question became “How do I promote leaders quickly and consistently?” Here're some of the things I did to inspire my team [...]

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Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

By Janet Daniels. Conference is always an exciting time!  As a new leader, I set my goals for the fall and came home excited and focused. I was determined to keep the “main thing the main thing” and achieve my goals. It wasn't long before I was back to doing the urgent things and not [...]

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Three Secrets to Advancing Others [Video]

By Dana Phillips. If you are watching this video, I know that you are waiting to hear about the three secrets to advancing others as a lifestyle.  Before we get to that point, I want to share a little bit about the different types of leaders.  There are four: Accidental leaders are not sure of [...]

How do I Promote Leaders in the Next 6 weeks?

By Janet Daniels. How many leaders have you promoted so far in 2016?  Are you satisfied with that number? Have you been wondering how you can get on the promoting fast track? Here are five steps you can take to make sure that happens. Set a promoting goal. Ask yourself, “How many would I promote [...]

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