Why Won’t People At Parties Join My Company?

By Mary McLoughlin. I love working with clients on language. So often I hear, “I don’t know what to say.” Technology has made communication expedient. The cost of that efficiency has been the loss of direct conversation. I so vividly remember the moment the breakthrough happened during a coaching session. My coaching client, Rose, was [...]

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Prospecting for Gold (Video)

By Dana Phillips. We’re pushing higher with our prospecting.  We’re talking about prospecting for gold.  Those are the people you want to keep; those are the people who take off.  You might even find some who work as hard as you! There is gold in them there hills!  You just have to go looking.  I [...]

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The #1 Secret to Prospecting for Your Party Plan Business (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. “I just can’t find anyone to talk to about my party plan business.” You’ve heard it, and probably even said it. On Facebook it looks like everyone is flooded with leads; at least if you believe the many ads selling you on the latest and greatest method to fill your business online. [...]

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Prospecting in Networking Marketing (Video)

By Dana Phillips. This particular message today is for those in network marketing vs. party plan. There are some differences that that make prospecting and recruiting different between the two types of companies. The biggest difference is that a party plan already has a built in place where your custoers are experiencing the product.  For [...]

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2 Steps to Make Time for Recruiting [Video]

One of the most subtle reasons you don't recruit is because you "can't find the time."  In fact, making time is one of the three major reasons that people don't recruit.  Here are a couple of simple suggestions to getting you started. The truth is that if you don't make the time, not much is [...]

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Summer Prospecting — Leads Are Everywhere

By Janet Daniels. Summer is a great time to prospect for new leads and add new team members. Leads are everywhere! People are active; they are out and about doing about everything you can imagine. Summer is the perfect time for you to focus on prospecting.  When you look for business, you will find it.  [...]

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Words to Say: Inviting Someone to Take a Look at your Business Opportunity

The best way to ask for an interview is with a compliment. I’ve been listening to you. I’ve been watching you. I’ve been thinking about you and you are so wonderful. Give a specific compliment to that person. Then ask permission to tell them about your opportunity. You might say, “I’d love to have you [...]

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Words to Say: Prospecting for New Team Members

So you don’t know what to say.  Here is an easy formula, not a script for words to say as you are out sharing. You don’t have to go to rent space at an event or fair to meet prospects. If you really believe in your product and your plan, you can speak with strength [...]

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