5 Steps to Setting a Good Business Plan

By Janet Daniels. Now is the perfect time to set appointments with your leaders to set their goals and direction for the new year. Here are some things you’ll want to talk about when you have their business planning session. Review their numbers for the past year. Sales Recruits Promote outs Team count Leader count [...]

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Celebrating Year End

By Janet Daniels. The year is almost over, and you want to celebrate the success that you and your team have had. There are many ways to celebrate as a team, and you have probably already planned them. Here are three ideas to think about: Plan a Christmas party for your team and invite the [...]

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Putting the Fun Back in Your Business

By Janet Daniels. I loved my opportunity and my team for most of the time. There were times, however, when things weren’t going like I wanted, i.e. when we weren’t growing, when I was handling more issues than normal, or when there weren’t many striving for higher goals. I found these times to be very [...]

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3 Ways to Increase National Conference Attendance [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. Yippee! It’s time to get your team ready for the biggest party of the year – National Conference! The excitement inspires like nothing else. Are the registrations pouring in? As the leader of the team, it’s up to you to ignite the fire and get your team to show up. But how? [...]

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How do I Promote Leaders in the Next 6 weeks?

By Janet Daniels. How many leaders have you promoted so far in 2016?  Are you satisfied with that number? Have you been wondering how you can get on the promoting fast track? Here are five steps you can take to make sure that happens. Set a promoting goal. Ask yourself, “How many would I promote [...]

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3 Must-Do’s for Effective Facebook Recognition [Video]

By Dana Phillips. More and more, direct sales leaders are taking their recognition online and that means putting it on Facebook.  While Facebook has great opportunities for team building, it also has wonderful potential for edifying team members and the things that make them great. I recently did a shout out for a client who [...]

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Celebrate! Celebrate! And Focus on Your People!

By Mary McLoughlin The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate.  Make your events memorable and meaningful by celebrating the people.  Don’t worry about going over the top or being too silly.  Start with high energy, play upbeat music, add some festive décor and food. Go ahead; wear those reindeer antlers! You will want to [...]

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Never Alone

A thought before you start your week: There is always more than one person on stage whether you see them or not. ~Benjamin Zander Who’s thoughts are always with you and how will you let them know? Who’s work is always part of your own and how will they know? Whose stage will you always [...]

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A thought before you start your week: It is up to us to give ourselves recognition.  If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn’t, and when it does, we may well reject it. ~Spencer Tracy What should you recognize in yourself? What needs to change so you will [...]

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Making Recognition Fun

Last weekend I spent time with some amazing leaders at the DSWA Leaders Retreat and we talked about keeping recognition fresh, fun, and in front of the people in the form of a newsletter.  Someone asked me to share what Neil used to send out to our leaders so I went digging.  We sent out [...]

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