A Healthy Change of Pace

By Neil Phillips. Is it just me, or does life get wonky around a 3-day weekend holiday?  Last week people were going crazy to get ready.  This week, those same people are going crazy catching up.  Since we are going to repeat this ritual in a month with Independence Day, maybe we can plan ahead for [...]

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How to Customize Your Recruiting Message

When you're sharing your income opportunity, do you make essentially the same presentation to everyone? If so, you may not be enjoying the success you're hoping for. Different people have different needs—and they'll respond differently to the same message. For better results, try customizing your recruiting message for each person you talk to.

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5 Lessons That Moving Taught Me about Business [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful times in your life – I agree! Yet, isn’t it true that the challenging times teach us the most? To make a long story short, here’s my saga: We began to move about 5 years ago in 2009. You may remember that [...]

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Leadership is Not About You [Video]

By Dana Phillips. As direct sellers grow into their leadership positions, you learn a lot about selling, leadership, and you along the way.  Zig Ziglar called it one of the best self-improvement programs around. One of the most valuable lessons that leaders learn is that it’s not about you.  It’s about what you are willing [...]

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Please Help: Special Request from the Department of Labor

This post is a request for your help to job seekers in the United States.  Please read this and if you fit, please participate. Team Connections has been asked to assist with an important initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor called O*NET, The Occupational Information Network, and we are forwarding this opportunity to participate [...]

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How Much is a Coach Worth?

Would you like to hire a coach for two months and determine how much you will pay?  That’s my offer to you. On Tuesday, I posted an entry in our blog called, Looking for a Little Coaching?  I wanted hours of coaching experience and I know there are coaching clients out there. The offer was [...]

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Looking for a Little Coaching?

Want a coach in your corner?  Do I have an offer for you! I’m looking for direct sellers who want to give coaching a stab for a short time (2 months) and at a greatly reduced fee.*  I can guarantee that the rate will be less than half of my normal coaching fee.  (For most [...]

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Team Connections: We’re Growing Up

Team Connections began a little over ten years ago because of our passion for quality leadership in direct sales.  As our offerings and attention has shifted over the years, we redesigned the website to reflect that emphasis.  We're starting to feel a little more grown-up.  We'd love for you to visit and get to know [...]

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Fear in Direct Sales

I have been reading a lot about fear in the past few months.  Look for several articles in the next few weeks.  Neil sent this one to me and I love it. Although this is sometimes attributed to Nelson Mandela, Marianne Williamson is the author.   Our Greatest Fear It is our light not our [...]

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