How To Have Your Best Start in 2017

By Dana Phillips. With the holiday weekend gone and things starting to settle down for the rest of the holidays, I like to you take a deep breath and spend a few minutes thinking along with me about how you can you’re your best start ever in 2017. Look at your business in three key [...]

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Real Words: A Leader’s Best Practice [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin As a leader, you have probably been asked many times, “What should I say?” Feeling insecure about the right words is often at the root of your team’s fears. Many companies have created scripts for this very reason. The scripts are helpful, but too often make us feel like a telemarketer. I [...]

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Free eBook on Recruiting [Video]

By Dana Phillips. I am so excited!  I’ve been reading our new eBook, Recruiting Demystified: Why Didn’t Anyone Teach Me This Sooner? How can you get?  Go to the website and fill in the information at the top of the page.  It will be yours just as soon as our website can get it to [...]

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4 Things to Do Now to Recruit for a Great Summer

By Janet Daniels. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost here! I learned early on that great summer sales begin with great May recruiting.  When my team sales dropped dramatically my first summer as a leader, I was devastated, depressed and beating myself up.  I spent most of my free time  asking “what am [...]

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The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

By Janet Daniels. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between mentoring and coaching? As a leader you wear many hats. When you have new consultants and new managers, you spend a lot of time wearing your training hat.  You are the expert teaching them the skills of what to do and how to [...]

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Training The Work of Leaders

Want to be a better leader?  Then you should consider looking into Wiley’s Work of Leaders profile. We recently had an opportunity to use the Work of Leader’s profile with the top leaders from J. Hilburn. The profile becomes a point of awareness for leaders.  They gain deeper insights: Managing isn’t leading Leading started with [...]

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