What is Holding You Back from Recruiting?

Unsure of recruiting

By Neil Phillips

Every successful person goes through a pivot. A worker goes from a technician to a manager.  A parent goes from a caregiver to a confidante.  An athlete goes from sheer physical effort to strategy.  In every case, true success comes with awareness and a shift.

The same is true for direct sales leaders.  If you want to be truly successful, then you discover and get better at telling others about your opportunity.  You can call it recruiting, sponsoring, enrolling, or team-building.  The concept of signing others up in your direct selling business is pretty much the same in every network marketing and party plan company.

It isn’t complicated.  But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

To be successful you have to ask, invite, present, converse, answer questions, and teach others to do the same.  In short, you have to see your profession through their eyes.  It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy.

And you have to get smarter.  You have to figure out what’s holding you back?  There are three reasons you don’t recruit all the people you want.

  1. You are afraid.
  2. You don’t know what to say.
  3. You don’t make time to work on recruiting.

Which one is holding you back?

The Team Connections coaches recently offered a webinar on recruiting.  We called it What’s Holding You Back?  (Okay, we’re not clever but we’re clear.)  If you couldn’t make it, give yourself an hour sometime today and watch.  Our hope is that it will provide you the step for your pivot.  You’ll still be you, just better.

Click here if the video isn’t showing below.


A couple more things to mention.  The video mentions a Recruiting Success Survey. You can download it by clicking here.

If you like what you see and want more, then feel free to take advantage of the offer in the video. The series, Cracking the Recruiting Code, is pre-recorded and available now, 24/7, for your benefit. When was the last time you bought six training sessions for less than $8 each?  And had four coaching calls to go with them?

If you want to do something about what’s holding you back, then this is your opportunity.  The systems we disclose in Cracking the Recruiting Code work.

“My recruiting is up 50% this year!”

                      – Diane N.

“This week I’ve reached out to 10 people and was able to actually speak with 4. I did 3 interviews and have scheduled 2 launch parties!”

                       – Angela G.

“Dana and Neil gave me the tools to organize my thoughts and plans, and to use my time effectively in working with my team to achieve our goal of becoming a National Executive team. They were there for me when I needed coaching on finding the answers within myself when dealing with specific concerns.”

                       – Peggy A.

What do you want to do and what’s holding you back?

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