Why Won’t People At Parties Join My Company?

By Mary McLoughlin.

I love working with clients on language. So often I hear, “I don’t know what to say.” Technology has made communication expedient. The cost of that efficiency has been the loss of direct conversation. I so vividly remember the moment the breakthrough happened during a coaching session. My coaching client, Rose, was struggling through how to invite people to hear about her company. As she explained the issue, she talked about texting, Facebook messaging and email. She never mentioned voice to voice or belly to belly. You could hear beneath her words uncomfortableness with direct communication.

The moment I asked, “How would you like to be invited?” you could hear a pin drop. After a few minutes of silence, she said softly, “I would like someone to call and ask me.”

If you or your team struggle to start recruiting conversations, first ask yourself, “Is it because I don’t know what to say or that I am afraid?” As a leader, you must first clear away the fear. Teaching the language will be easy after that. The moment Rose realized that the struggle was hers and not anything about the people she wanted to invite, she was ready to make some changes.

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What’s Holding You back from Recruiting?

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Mary McLoughlin is a proven Direct Selling Authority having produced a multi-million dollar field organization. Strategic thinking, passion for learning and all things new combine with compassion as she coaches others through business and life challenges, successes and dreams. Mary’s creative passions for cooking, all things needle and thread and above all faith and family shine as her essence is revealed in her writing, recipes, quilts and more. You can find her at: http://www.marymcloughlin.com

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