For the next few months, I want to become a fictional direct seller every Tuesday.  I will describe the fears, thoughts, and concerns of new people as if it is me. I invite you to write in and answer my questions, provide fictional mentoring, and have fun with this.  This is an experiment. It will only work if you, the readers, take some time to respond.  What are the advantages to you?

  • You can blog without the hassle of maintaining a blog
  • You can discover how others train, mentor, and coach
  • You’ll hear what your new team members might not be telling you
  • We’ll have fun along the way

So what do you think?  If I don’t hear from at least ONE of you that you will write occasionally, this will be pretty boring. I don’t want you to take more than a couple of minutes to respond, so let’s get started.

My name is MJ and I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. I went to a party and the money sounded pretty good.  My friend wants me to go to a presentation for a network marketing company this week.  I think I will check it out.  How will I know what is right for me?