We often hear that May is a tough month for parties or network marketing because people are so busy.  Graduations (college, high school, even kindergarten), first Communion, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and end of year school activities can fill up the month quickly.

Here is another way to look at May.  How can your products serve people in May?  I thought of five right off the top of my head:

  1. Gift Giving: With all of these graduations and celebrations, your products may be the perfect give for May.
  2. Nutrition and Health: Any time people are busy, it is easy to forget to eat right, exercise, and get the valuable nutrients for optimum health.
  3. Food Related Products: Cooking, preparation, storing, and transporting foods are prime May activities.
  4. Skin Care and Make Up: Looking your best is especially important when you are busy and attending so many public functions.
  5. Clothing and Accessories: Ditto skin care and make up above.

I could go on and on, but here are some questions you may want to contemplate:  What products do I have that people need in May?  How can my products fill a need?