Weekend Love, April Ninth


Here are some of the great nuggets that I’ve found on the web recently. This handful of links takes you to tools or insightful content. Occasionally I’ll include one from my “save” file if it fits the mood.

Ask any leadership expert, “What are the most important qualities” and you’ll discover that every expert has their own list. Guess what happens if you ask actual leaders?  You get an incredibly insightful survey like the one from Sunni Giles in the article, The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World.  Who would have thought that ethics was number one on the list?

What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?  I’ve often said that leaders lead people and managers lead systems.  Turns out that there are 17 differences.  You can read them all in less than 2 minutes in the article by Lisa McKale called Leaders vs. Managers: 17 Traits That Set Them Apart


Dan Rockwell creates the coolest titles.  I couldn’t stop myself from reading Weak Leaders Go Nuts Over Hangnails and Hiccups.   (The article is really about four things to do slowly and has great insights.)

These don’t have much to do with direct sales.  However, if you ever need a FIRE-UP speech, you can find it in Erik Devaney’s article, 16 of the Best Motivational Speeches of All Time. I’m surprised the one from the movie, Independence Day wasn’t included.  Maybe he wanted a little more realism.


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