By Mary McLoughlin.

Are you a party plan direct seller? Then your next new team member is probably your next hostess. That is, if you intentionally invite her.

After I learned three simple ways to invite every hostess to join my team, my recruiting skyrocketed and became consistent. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Begin during your first conversation. You want to begin when you plan for her great party. As you are engaging your hostess in a partnership take a minute to say, “I don’t know if you have ever thought about selling Company ABC, but I want to make sure to offer you the opportunity today. Starting a business during your own party is a great time to begin. I want to be sure that if you do decide, your friends have their parties with you. What do you think?” If the answer is yes, then go ahead and plan her party as a launch party. If no, then say, “My experience has taught me that my hostesses sometimes change their mind after the party. May I ask you to please keep an open mind? I will ask you again at the end. I promise no pressure. In the meantime, if someone comes to mind that you believe would be interested, is looking for something more or needs money, I would be honored to talk with them.”
  2. Talk about the opportunity when setting up. I first started recruiting hostesses by chatting with them as we set up together the night of the party. “Susie, tell me about who’s coming tonight. You know, do they have kids, work outside the home, etc.? I like to get to know my audience a bit.” After she shares, ask “I am always looking for people to join my team. Who is coming that might need some extra money or be interested in trying a business? Maybe that someone is you?” Having her think about her friends first will bring people to mind when you ask the recruiting question. Including her is a way to invite her that is comfortable and makes her feel included without any pressure.
  3. Ask her again when reviewing the party. When you sit down to review her party, be sure to share the people who booked parties this way. “Susie, your party total is $$ and check out all these great benefits for you! This is the list of people who have scheduled parties. You had a great party and now they want the same experience! They could be the beginning your new business, what do you think?”

Bonus Tip: Add this question to your customer survey/door prize slip, “If your friend, tonight’s hostess, decided to start her own Company ABC business, would you host a party for her?” Use this in addition to your normal booking question. You will find that often people say “yes” to help their friend who won’t normally host a party.

Take time to talk about the business with all your hostesses. They have already said they like you and your business; they invited both into their home!

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