By Mary McLoughlin.

Today I re-entered life after a great vacation. I came back relaxed and happy; then reality hit. YIKES!  There is so much to do!!!! The more I jumped into the doing, the most stressed I began to feel.

Then I had a big AHA moment.  I was once again letting my emotions rule.  At this moment, the one that was ruling was not making me feel good or helping me to be more productive. So, I stopped what I was doing and did some things to correct my mood, to “get happy.” Pretty much instantly, I felt back on track.

We all have times when we don’t feel happy, and the studies show that we are more productive, create better relationships and have more success when we are happy. If you are struggling to be productive or to get the results you want, try getting happy first!

Try these life hacks to ‘get happy’!

Start your day happy.

  • Do something first thing in the morning that makes you happy.
  • Dance to your favorite music
  • Talk a walk
  • Spend time with God
  • Exercise
  • Smile
  • What starts your day ‘right’? Do it!

Take a time out.

  • Finding yourself frustrated, angry or down? Stop and do something that will ‘snap you out of it’.
  • You will be far more productive if you stop and ‘get happy’ than if you try to slug on through.

Check your environment.

  • Does clutter stress you out? Clear out one room and go there!
  • What do you smell? Citrus, orange, lemon, and grapefruit, bring out positive chemical reactions in your brain. Try using essential oils in these scents. Put them on your pressure points or diffuse into the air. Go to the real thing, eat an orange and leave the rind on your desk.
  • If it makes you happy to be outside, move your phone and computer to the deck and work outside!
  • Whatever is making you uncomfortable, change it up!

Be around happy people.

  • Who makes you feel good whenever you are around them?
  • Be intentional about who you spend time with, and know who you can call to lift you up. Commiserating may seem like a good way to support others, but it won’t help them be happier.

Take a few minutes to create a happy list. These are the things you can do to “get happy.” When you are feeling unproductive, pick one and do it! Happiness is good for your soul. As a leader, it’s good for your team, too. You set the tone!

So go ahead, get happy!

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Is Your Coach Helping You to be Happy?


One of the great things about having a coach is that they can provide you with the mental space to take that step-back; to say, “how did I get to this emotional place?”  You also want to have a coach with the training and experience to support you in those moments.

Team Connections Pro has four trained coaches.  We’re there to help you when you need to take a look at your life or your business or both.