People familiar with direct sales have no difficulty agreeing with the obvious conclusion that people work for something other than money.  However, it isn’t quite that simple. Most people start for the money.

If you were to ask why people started a direct sales business, you would hear descriptions that sound like:

  • “I could work part time and make the same money as . . .”
  • “I didn’t have to pack my baby off to a sitter every day and so the income matched my regular job.”
  • “I needed a part-time job to pay some credit card debt and had to work around my regular job.”

Once you filter through all of these rationales, then the conclusion becomes a little more complicated.  If it is only about the money, you know the business would look different:

  • Fewer people would start slow.  They want the income and new consultant bonuses often give a big boost.
  • Productivity would be higher.  The more you sell, the more you earn.
  • People would leave for better-paying jobs but other reasons to leave would have less importance.

Once you explore behind the money, you’ll find lots of passions.  People wouldn’t have signed up for a sales job if the money wasn’t there. BUT THEY SIGN UP FOR MORE THAN THE MONEY.

Think of it this way: They don’t join the direct sales profession for the money, but they wouldn’t do it without the money.  John Stuart Mill would call money a necessary but insufficient cause.  As a parallel, oxygen is necessary for fire, but the presence of heat and a combustible material provide the sufficiency for a fire. An income is necessary for direct sales, but it also needs a passion and well-designed methods.

People come for the money but stay because direct sales fills the passion in their heart. Let’s face it.  Engaging in sales activities is pretty scary for most people and the money, in and of itself, is not enough of an incentive to get people to sell.  On the other hand, the money to be found in sales can attract beginners, and the other benefits—the free time, success, family time, and so on—can keep them there.

You, as a leader, get to sustain their fire. The income lights the fire, but it won’t keep the fire burning.  You get to help them find their, heart, core, purpose, why, reason-for-being.

Here is your challenge:  help more people on your team find and understand their passion.  Once they see how their passion fuels their fire, the rest of your job will get much, much easier.

What do you think?  How will you help people find their passion in direct sales?

Where will you find tools to help people find their passion?

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