By Mary McLoughlin.

We all get there, when life just plain gets to be too much. Overwhelm is a response to unresolved negative emotion. Depression is a big one. Grief is another.

Do time management issues sometimes seem overwhelming? Time management is one of those life skills that had direct application for direct selling leaders.  The better you become at it, the more you get done well and the more you enjoy what you are doing.  This series is designed to support your fine tuning of your time management skills.

This article is part 5 of a six part series.  Part 1, I Just Can’t Get It All Done, can be found by clicking here. Part 2, Follow Up Starts with a System, can be accessed here.  Part 3, Eliminate the Electronic Overload, is here. Part 4, Tame the Paper Tiger, is here.

Overwhelm feels like I just have too much to do or I am too busy. This emotional wave stems from not living in alignment with our values and priorities. It happens when we create a schedule based on other’s needs and what we feel we should do.

Taking charge of how we spend our time is the best way to avoid overwhelm. This simple five-step system will take your task list and put it back into order.

  • Capture It
  • Chunk It
  • Choose It
  • Take Action
  • Focus

Decide what is most important and do those things first. You will be amazed and how much more in control you feel!

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