Coaching to Create a Well Defined Vision


By Neil Phillips.

Every single leadership book I read, and I read a lot of them, points to vision, seeing where you are going, as a vital part of leading.

Many of you have a vision for your future.  Unfortunately, for some of you, it is ill-defined.

I remember my vision in 1986.  (Yes, I know, some of you weren’t even born yet, but you can learn from my mistakes).  I saw money to pay bills, a house big enough for five growing children, retirement plans, and college fund.  My vision of the future was vague, nonspecific, and only about money.  That is an ill-defined vision.

As a leader, you have the opportunity to give your team member the LUXURY of thirty minutes to clearly define a vision of their future.  Think personal improvement, spiritual growth, personal relationships, community impact, and then, material things.

Your downline will discover a new passion for living, a clearer picture of where she is going, and a renewed commitment to get there.

Taking that vision and translating it into a SMART goal will propel them into success.  Ask, “How can your business practices, your daily activities, and your conversations lead you to your ultimate vision?”  Creating SMART goals is just translating that vision into smaller, bite-size, digestible chunks.

You can do this for YOURSELF, too.  Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, and reflect on the goals you want to accomplish by year-year.   Be realistic and yet make your stomach hurt a little.  What are you seeing? What about this is getting you energized?  Now ask what your schedule looks like for the next couple of months to make that picture a reality.  The more specific you make things in your mind, the more likely you are to create that future for yourself.

What’s stopping you?

Some leaders appreciate the opportunity to work with a coach on their vision creating and vision casting skills.  That’s why Team Connections Pro is here.  We know you want someone also on your side to listen as you create your vision, to ask questions that fine-tune your thinking, and to hold you accountable to make the vision public.

What’s stopping you from checking out Team Connections Pro? For $47, you can join for a month, have two coaching calls on your choice of topics, and then decide about continuing.

About the Author

Neil Phillips

I'm one of the lucky people who gets up every day loving what he does. I coach. I get to support people who want to take control of their future happiness and livelihood. I help them get the best out of what they have. My hope is that you will find some of your passion in these articles.