By Karen Orem.

Like many, you probably chose to begin your direct selling business because you fell in love with your product. You see its value, you’ve benefited from it personally, and now you want to spread the word. You understand that there will be some people only interesting in the product, while others may want to share it as more of a hobby. There are also those who are ready to turn this into a real business, and that’s where the recruiting aspect comes into play.

The more team members you have, the more potential you have for generating sales. You may hear your upline saying “Recruit, recruit, recruit,” and yet you want to build a quality team, not just people you can convince. Your difficulty is trying to balance the need to give people an opportunity and finding the ones you think are going to stick.  Here are five tips to help you find that balance.

  • Look for outside clues to help you discern a potential team member’s core. Listen and look for clues, take in the environment around her. Is it stressful? How is her attitude during this interaction? Is she making eye contact? Is she genuine, friendly and open while talking about herself? Does she ask questions about you? There may be a lot going on in a short space of time, but you can start to get a sense of how she may handle stress. (For example, you strike up a conversation with someone in the grocery store and there’s a long line. Do they maintain their composure, do they problem solve, do they present the situation to their children in the best possible light, etc.) How do they treat the cashier?
  • Look for people who are comfortable in their skin. Confident people are comfortable in their skin, and it shows. People are more attracted to confident people. Leaders are more attracted to confident people, and you want to attract leaders, right? Remember that not all leaders are going to present themselves in business attire. Look deeper.
  • Look for people who are connected in the present moment, not trying to escape from it. People that live in the moment, that are fully present, are more engaged with their surroundings. Because they remain in the present, they may be more intuitive, a great benefit to any team.
  • Find a reason that they should sit down and meet with you. From your short interaction, what have you uncovered about their life, that is working well, or not working well? Relate how your product or service can add value to their life and the lives of others. When you relate to their specific wants, needs, and desires, you can uncover a reason for them to sit down with you and discuss how they can benefit.
  • Set an appointment and follow-up. Ask for a meeting, a short one that will only take 15 minutes of their time. Very briefly, explain again how you feel that your business can be of benefit specifically to them. Get an appointment locked in if possible. Ask for an email or phone number and follow-up later on the day you made that first contact. It’s essential that you reach out in a personal way; it shows you were listening, you care, and you’re looking forward to seeing them again. Send a short follow-up the night of the appointment and send a quick text an hour before its scheduled time.

Each of us wants to be heard, to be listened to, for someone else to “get them,” to understand where they are coming from and to know that someone sincerely wants to make their life better. When you come from a place of servitude, you become the best kind of leader because when others win, everyone wins and that builds a strong team.

How Do Other Leaders Develop Awareness?

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