By Neil Phillips.

Being a grandfather is one of life’s best roles.  You get to be in charge and spend gobs of time on the fun bits.  I recently had the opportunity to be the fun grandpa while my son and his wife went on a weekend retreat.  (You can’t after all, just leave an excited seven-year-old with anyone.) As difficult as it was, I occasionally I had to say no.  Here’s what I discovered are the four best ways, replete with examples and adapted to direct selling leadership.

  1. Yes, but not now. This one fits on most occasions.

-Can I have ice cream?

-Can we go swimming?

-Can we go to McDonald’s? (Not for food—for the fun center.  McDonald’s is tricky that way.)

-Can you help me recruit my sister? (Yes.  Here’s when I’m available.)

-I can’t book any parties.  Can you help? (Yes, after you create a list of 50 contacts.)

-I can’t get my team to work.  Can you coach me through this? (Yes, but not here.)

  1. Yes, but not me. This is a hard one.  We think we are irreplaceable and won’t delegate.

-Can we play a game?  (Yes. Ask your Nana.)

-Can we camp out?  (Yes. Ask your parents when they get home.)

-Can I play in the bathtub?  (Yes. Ask your Nana.)

-Can you explain this promotion to me? (Yes. First take your question to corporate.)

-Can you help me book a room for the convention? (Have you checked for people wanting to share?)

-Can you help me figure out a good dating bid at parties? (Ask our top seller and then share with me what you learned.)

  1. Yes, but not all of it. Sometimes you have to think before you speak.

-Can we play Mario Brothers on Switch?  (Yes, but only for 30 minutes.)

-Can we get ice cream? (Yes, but only one scoop.)

-Can we watch a movie?

-Can you help with my team meeting? (Yes, but only for the recognition.)

-Can you hold a team show on Facebook? (Yes, you can host it and I’ll help.)

-Can you tell me what I need to do to recruit? (Yes. Start by creating a list.)

  1. No.  Yikes!  When you just say no, be sure to give a reason.  People are reasonable if you give them a reason.

-Can we have ice cream?  (No.  Supper is almost ready.)

-Can we go swimming?  (No. You wanted to go to the park.)

-Can I stay up late? (No. It’s been a long day and you’ll get cranky.)

-Can we meet to talk about dating?  (No. I’m meeting with Betty’s prospect.)

-Can you talk with Betty about her business? (No. I’ve got a full schedule today. Fill me in later.)

-Can you be on my team call tonight? (No. I’m already committed. Tell me when’s your next one and I’ll put it in my datebook for you.)

These usually worked with my grandson.  Even a young child recognizes they can’t have everything they want.  As you lead your team, be the leader.  Help your team shape their expectations and be productive.

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