The Goal: Develop training and leadership programs to assist the sales force in understanding and maximizing income potential in the new compensation plan. Our Solution: Developed and delivered 24 eLearning modules Weekly Laser coaching with New Directors for a six month period Monthly webinar and group coaching sessions segmented by leadership level (six months) Monthly [...]

Jockey Person to Person


The Goal: Create and provide leadership training to grow recruiting and leadership advancement Our Solution: Created a Skill Progression blueprint for the leadership compensation levels Two days of leadership training at annual leadership retreat Weekly leadership training calls for one year Training at National Conference Developed and delivered three (to date) eLearning modules Coaching training [...]



The Goal: As a start-up company, develop a state-of-the-art learning system for beginning Consultants Our Solution: Review and Assessment of Current Training Programs Created Instructional Blueprint to match the levels of the Rendi compensation plan including a Progression of Skills in these levels Developed and delivered five eLearning modules for new Stylists Introduced program and [...]

Thirty-One Gifts


The Goal: Support Thirty-One in creating a coaching culture and enhanced leadership development for top-level sales force leaders Our Solution: Review and Assessment of Current Training Programs Provided a three-day basic and a three-day advanced coach training program to corporate coaches Developed a template, script, and PowerPoint for a three-day interactive Leadership Training Workshop. What [...]



The Goal: As a start-up company, rapidly grow the size of the active sales force Our Solution: Coaching and consulting with the co-founders on recruiting training, incentives, and activities Weekly conference calls with the sales force for three months to jump start recruiting What They Say: We started working with Team Connections in 2012. They [...]