By Dana Phillips.

Telling someone over and over what to do is not as effective with adults.  Adults learn more by internalizing: taking what they know, adding it to their experience, and planning their next move.

You can use coaching questions to let your team member explore her own approach to booking at a party.  You can ask her to think about the party.  What went well and what would she do differently.  Here are some questions that might come up in the conversation.

Here are some great questions that you can use to support your team members:

1.)       How many positive booking bids were given during the demonstration?

2.)       What was the Host Gift goal?

3.)       How did you ask each guest to book a party?

4.)       What did you say about the Hostess rewards?

5.)       How long was the party?

6.)       What was the best thing about your party?

7.)       What do you want to do about the people who ordered but did not attend?

8.)       What do you want to do about the people did not attend or order?

9.)       What do you use as incentives to booking?

10.)       What booking game did you play?

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