5 Steps to Setting a Good Business Plan

By Janet Daniels. Now is the perfect time to set appointments with your leaders to set their goals and direction for the new year. Here [...]

Celebrating Year End

By Janet Daniels. The year is almost over, and you want to celebrate the success that you and your team have had. There are many [...]

Putting the Fun Back in Your Business

By Janet Daniels. I loved my opportunity and my team for most of the time. There were times, however, when things weren’t going like I [...]

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3 Ways to Increase National Conference Attendance [Video]

By Mary McLoughlin. Yippee! It’s time to get your team ready for the biggest party of the year – National Conference! The excitement inspires like [...]

How do I Promote Leaders in the Next 6 weeks?

By Janet Daniels. How many leaders have you promoted so far in 2016?  Are you satisfied with that number? Have you been wondering how you [...]

Celebrate! Celebrate! And Focus on Your People!

By Mary McLoughlin The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate.  Make your events memorable and meaningful by celebrating the people.  Don’t worry about going [...]