About Mary McLoughlin

Mary McLoughlin is a proven Direct Selling Authority having produced a multi-million dollar field organization. Strategic thinking, passion for learning and all things new combine with compassion as she coaches others through business and life challenges, successes and dreams. Mary’s creative passions for cooking, all things needle and thread and above all faith and family shine as her essence is revealed in her writing, recipes, quilts and more. You can find her at: http://www.marymcloughlin.com

You Get What You Expect

By Mary McLoughlin. Expectations can make or break a business. What do you expect from your business? Have you taken time to be clear about [...]

Fall in Love Again

By Mary McLoughlin. Your relationship with your direct selling business mirrors a marriage in many ways. You have a passion for your products and your [...]

How to Say No (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. The hardest time management skill is saying “no.”  This most simple time management strategy can feel like the most painful. Do time [...]

Managing the Overwhelm (Video)

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Tame the Paper Tiger (Video)

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Eliminate the Electronic Overload (Video)

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Follow Up Starts with a System (Video)

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I Just Can’t Get It All Done! (Video)

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Ride the National Conference Wave

By Mary McLoughlin. National Conference is the biggest party of the year and creates the most amazing energy and excitement. Don’t you just want to [...]

When the Livin’ is Easy…Make Work Fun! (Video)

By Mary McLoughlin. Everyone wants to have fun in the summer. Try out one of these themes to help your team stay focused on business [...]