By Mary McLoughlin.

Pool time, picnics, vacations and just plain ol’ relaxin’; it’s what make summer our favorite time of the year. Kicking back in the summer is a great benefit of owning a direct selling business. Did you know that you can enjoy the benefits of summer without losing income? These three steps will keep your business hopping with less effort all summer!


  • Take one or two days NOW to plan your summer. You don’t have to schedule every minute. LOL! You can schedule unscheduled time, too.
  • How many parties or appointments are required to keep your income level?
  • What support will your team need to keep working all summer?
  • What can you delegate in your personal life (house chores, business tasks, kid duties)? My best summer as a direct selling leader was the one I hired a college student 20 hours a week to ‘be ‘ She weeded my garden, ran errands, took the kids to the pool and helped in my office. She loved it! It was way better than a summer fast food job and it meant I could choose to do the activities that produced income and that I wanted to do! You may not be able to hire someone 20 hours a week, but what could you pay your kids or the neighbor kids to do?
  • How much time do you want to be off? Vacations, play days, etc.
  • When will your kids be involved in activities that will provide you time to work?
  • Create a list of tasks to be done to make this plan a reality.


  • Preparation is the critical piece! Setting up your summer will provide the time and flexibility you crave.
  • Schedule your definite activities, kids camps, vacations, company conference, etc.
  • Decide what you can delegate and hire the people to do it! (Maybe you can enlist your family’s help.) You can hire a lot of college student or high school student help with the profits of just one party!
  • Create some quick checklists to make it easy for you to click off the tasks and for someone else to know exactly what to do.
  • Block time to book your events and plan them NOW! Then hire out the follow-up, preparing paperwork, etc. Prepare all the hostess packets and mailing for the entire summer at once. Then all you have to do is mail at the appropriate time.


  • When it’s time to work, work hard. Then when it’s time to play, play hard, too.
  • Be ‘on’ when you are working and ‘off’ when you are not. You will enjoy the summer when you are in the moment and not worrying about what you ‘should’ be doing.

A great summer for both your business and your family begins with a decision to create one. As Steven Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.” On September 1st, what kind of summer will you be happy to have experienced? Be intentional today and create it!

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