By Mary McLoughlin.

Everyone wants to have fun in the summer. Try out one of these themes to help your team stay focused on business while they are having fun!

Keep the Ball Bouncing

Hit up the dollar store for inexpensive balls, baseballs, bouncy balls, beach balls, etc.

At your first meeting of the summer, toss out inflated beach balls and keep them bouncing around. Use the ones that have the colored sections. Have each person grab one. Use Sharpies to write on each section an area of the business to keep bouncing all summer. Challenge them to bring their beach balls to each summer meeting with names written in each section. For example, bookings could be one section and then they write the names of the people they schedule. You could mail the beach balls out and have everyone bring them to each virtual meeting, too.

Throughout the summer, use the baseballs and bouncy balls as happy mail. When you want to encourage or recognize someone, grab a ball and use your Sharpie to write a message on the ball. Save space for their address and then take to the post office. You can mail the balls without any wrapping! Your team will remember to keep their balls bouncing!

Picnic at the Park

Burgers, dogs, potluck and families make for a fun team get together. Keep it simple. Set up at a shelter house near a playground and have everyone bring their favorite yard games. Be sure to do some fun recognition. Nothing makes your team happier than seeing their families beam with pride as Mom or Dad is recognized. You might have a few family members give testimonials about what the business and/or products have done for their family. It’s a great way to engage spouses and kids in the business. Send the invitations on a fun paper plate.

Noodling Around

Who has a pool on your team? Hold a summer meeting in the water. Collect up pool noodles for each person and then float around as you ‘noodle’ great ideas for your business. It’s a fun way to get creative. Be prepared with some topics to keep the noodling moving along, but be flexible and let the conversation flow. You will be amazed at the creativity when the body is moving as the mind works. Be sure to set up a few basic ground rules.

  • All ideas are welcome, no editing!
  • It’s all positive and constructive thinking, no griping!
  • Encourage out of the box thinking.

Have fun with your team and they won’t ever want to miss your meetings! You will attract more people, too.

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